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Program Description

After School Achievement Club has an 18 year old history of helping students take early steps to college. We succeed because we understand that students cannot stay high energy 6 hours of school during the day and follow that with 4 more hours of study. We supplement homework help with a good meal, drama with 2 shows per year, School spirit activities to add some excitement, teacher led projects in every class based on exciting ideas in science, geography, culture… and fun on the playground!

The After School program is available for students in Kindergarten through 5th grades. We are open Monday to Friday until 6:30 pm.

Our program goals are:

    • To assist all students academically by establishing healthy study skills and reinforcing the importance of homework completion.
    • To cultivate a meaningful partnership with every student and parent through daily communication to maximize student development.
    • To build students’ confidence, self-control, and social skills to foster their academic success.
    • To increase students’ positive attitude towards learning and school life.

Trained staff members help students complete their daily homework accurately and efficiently. Students engage in literacy activities for 20-30 minutes as homework is completed. In addition, a snack or meal is provided for students every day. Once students have completed their homework, they will participate in a variety of exciting, creative activities. These activities include drama, art, outdoor recreation, interest clubs, science, contests, and more!

Seats are limited, please contact us for availability at 718-457-0429 X219.

*Highland Academics provides child care services, separate from After School, that is open to all students K-5th grade that may need supervision on days when public school is closed. Please check out our TGIF child care program for more information.

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Required Form:
Student Medical Form, Income Eligibility Form

  • Main Site
    8110 35th Ave Jackson Heights, NY 11372

    Hunters Point Community Middle School
    1-50 51st Ave, Queens, NY 11101
    718-609-3000 Ext. 1152

    Renaissance Charter School
    35-59 81st St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
    718-803-0060 Ext. 211

    P.S. 280
    3420 94th St, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

  • Full Time Enrollment:

    Students enrolled full-time may attend the program every day for a flat annual tuition. Payment is required for the full academic year when the program is in session. Our tuition is based on a 40-week school year. We do not charge for the December holiday vacation, midwinter recess, or spring break when students are not in attendance. A payment plan allows you to make the same payment each month.

    Drop-In Enrollment:

    Students enrolled on a per-diem basis normally attend 3 days a week or less (as needed). Parents must notify the school ahead of time. Payments are necessary only for the days the child attends. The full-time enrollment provides greater value.

    Additional Options:

    Happy Hour – Extended Pick-Up until 7p.m. is available for $5 per day.
    Half Day – $19 ($15 surcharge without reservation), Non refundable

  • Parent After School Guidelines & Policies

    General Environment
    In the After School program, your child will work and play in a clean, safe, and welcoming classroom. Our staff members will treat your child with respect and dignity. Your child will participate in a balanced program that is designed to support academic and social growth!

    Our goal is that all homework that is completed at 82nd Street Academics is free of errors and is 100% correct. Our staff will supervise your child during homework time, help her if she is having trouble, and check all work for completion and accuracy. Since academic success is a joint effort, we work with students to help them understand the importance of homework because we need their cooperation to meet our goal. We also ask that all families drop off and pick up their children at a time that allows for completion of homework.

    Your child’s Lead Teacher will inform you if there is homework that is required to be completed at home rather than at the After School Achievement Club. You will also be notified whenever homework is going home incomplete. In order to facilitate this, we ask that you come into the classroom to pick up your student and speak to the teacher if necessary. If your child does walk home alone, please take a moment to go over his or her homework with to review what was completed.

    Parent/ Staff Communication
    The Lead Teacher in the classroom will give you a weekly update on your child’s progress in the areas of social and academic skills. You will also receive a weekly e-mail from your child’s teacher about activities and events in the program.

    We will take special care to address your child’s academic needs if you inform us of areas in need of improvement. Regular communication with your child’s teacher is necessary for success.

    Student Responsibility
    Students are expected to make a good faith effort every day to complete their homework. Students should bring all of the necessary materials to do so. All students are required to maintain a Homework Notebook where all assignments are written daily. Students will occasionally have homework assignments that are based on in-class activities. To complete these tasks, students are expected to pay attention in school and have the necessary information to complete follow up assignments in the After School program. Our staff members are dedicated to students’ academic success and will make every effort to complete all daily homework assignments. However, long term assignments (such as dioramas and large essays) must be completed at home. Finally, we rely on students to be honest about their assignments in order to build a relationship of trust with their After School instructors, their school teachers, and their parents.

  • 1. Homework Help – Students’ first activity for the day is to complete their homework. It is checked by trained group leaders for neatness and correct answers. Our goal is to ensure that students understand the material that they are completing and develop study habits that they will use throughout their academic career.

    2. Enrichment (Drama and Clubs) – Enrichment activities help students engage their creative thinking skills and interact with their classmates in new ways. These classes encourage students to actively participate in the planning process to choose how they will spend their afternoon. Enrichment classes boost students’ confidence levels and students’ ability to express themselves.

    3. Teacher Led Activities – Teachers plan activities that incorporate the Common Core Learning Standards to build their skills in self-expression and knowledge of arts and crafts, science, community building, and health/safety.

    4. School Spirit Activities – Theme days and school wide contests (such as Class Colors Day and our Reading Contest) provide time for students and staff to have fun together. Students build a sense of community and group identity through these events. Our Theme Coordinator works to plan and execute each activity.

    5. Literacy Activities – On a daily basis, each student participates in an age-appropriate literacy activity. Some classes include group reading of a chapter book or a class book followed by discussion and reflection.

    6. Family Style Meals – Each class serves a full supper at 4:00pm each day. The P.S. 148 program will begin the year with snack. Students sit together at tables with staff and eat as a group. Staff prompt conversations among students to help them relax and discuss their daily experiences.

    7. Outdoor Recreation – Students always look forward to time on our playground! This time is completely physical and allows students to run around and let out any pent-up energy. This activity promotes physical health, and also allows students to concentrate more easily during difficult homework assignments.